Architectural BIM

Analogue BIM provides Architectural BIM Services that include all project details as well as documentation. We provide a wide range of architectural engineering services such as architectural drawing, consultations, energy analysis, and other related services.


Architectural BIM Services

Analogue is a well-known engineering and architectural firm that specialises in architectural BIM services. The company employs a skilled and experienced team of engineers, designers, modellers, and consultants who specialise in providing BIM architectural services. Contractors and project owners undertake the process of Architectural BIM modelling services prior to the start of the construction stage. The services assist the customer in visualising the project in accordance with BIM market needs and trends.

As a top-tier BIM outsourcing company for Architects, we ensure that all of our clients' BIM architectural requirements are met. Our architects, engineers, and construction professionals understand and are aware of the benefits and advantages of using BIM in the architecture design process. We provide Revit Architecture Services that cover even the most minute details needed to create BIM models. Work in these areas includes sketching, CAD drawings, BIM documentation, content creation, and clash detection services.

As an architectural BIM services provider, we guarantee full-fledged BIM solutions to our clients. The work process defined includes the entire design process that is taken into account by the schematic design process. This design is then brought to life by developing the building design in Revit and creating a complete set of understandable construction documentation. When working on BIM Building Design projects, our company makes certain to use the best and most service-oriented software available. Our BIM modellers are well-versed in software such as Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks, 4D Synchro, and others..

1. Architectural 3D Modeling
2. Construction Document Set
3. CAD As-Built Drawings