Designing Services

Our design services include all types of drawings and designs associated with the project and its construction. Based on the project's requirements and the need for the work, we propose the idea of ensuring 100% data-driven designs for the services that are required for the project. Analogue is recognised as one of the most capable companies for providing precise Design Development Services. We have a team of skilled, talented, and experienced engineers who can assist and work on all types of engineering and BIM services. The services we provide are in the fields of architectural, structural, steel detailing, MEP, BIM, and facade engineering. Our design services are beneficial in terms of providing accurate and data-driven information to builders, designers, consultants, and design engineers. Furthermore, design development services are the process and phase that depicts the construction project's development stage.

1. Architectural Design
2. Structural Design
3. MEP Design
4. MEP Design Validation
5. Prefabrication And DfMA Design