Structural BIM

We provide structural BIM services by utilising the necessary software and tools to analyse designs and drawings with proper calculation and mark up. It is a necessary set of services that necessitates accurate marking up and the necessary calculations for the work. We have the details that are perfect for the project to ensure 100% authenticity of the work.


Structural BIM Services

Building information modelling (BIM) services are widely recognised as the most effective and powerful tools and technology for 3D modelling services. The structural BIM services provide modelling for all types of building components, both small and large. The AEC industry around the world takes a serious approach to the service and ensures that the presence of structural BIM work is taken into account for better management and maintenance.

Analogue is the leading and most trusted name in the AEC market for structural BIM modelling work. Our structural BIM modellers, Designers, and consultants work precisely on designing and detailing structural elements that play an important role from the beginning of the design process to the end of the construction process. Only by adhering to structural BIM trades and practises can the entire process run smoothly. As a leading provider of structural 3D modelling services, the team of BIM engineers facilitates and delivers designs and models that include a full BIM Structure analysis of the work.

Since outsourcing BIM Structural Services has become more popular, major AEC industries have increased their demand for enhanced engineering management flexibility. Our structural BIM services include complete structural detailing and drafting, as well as appropriate 3D modelling. Our professionals are capable of creating and developing a BIM model structure using cutting-edge software and technology. With the client's sketches and drawings, our engineers can create Revit Structural Modeling that includes all ideas, concepts, and building geometric details.

1. Structural 3D Modeling
2. Structural Steel Detailing
3. Rebar Detailing
4. Steel Fabrication Shop Drawings